Action Lab Members Receive Awards

The Action Lab has been host to a series of awards in the past few weeks. A few of the highlights are listed below:

  1. Our own long-term lab member from 2018 to 2022, Sabrina Bond, got accepted at Stanford Medical School for an MD/PhD with full funding, tuition and salary. She also got two more acceptances for a MD/PhD with scholarships: at Harvard/MIT and at Northwestern.
  2. Our recent post-bac lab member, Sabra Sisler, got accepted at Stanford in Bioengineering. She also received the NSF graduate research fellowship.
  3. Our 3-year long undergraduate lab member, Sid Annapragada, received two scholarships to pursue another research CooP in our lab: the Schafer CooP fellowship and also the AJC Research Merit Scholarship.

Congrats to these lab members and let’s keep up the momentum!

Sabra Receives the NSF GRFP Award!


Sabra, a postbaccalaureate in the Action Lab, has won the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and will pursue a PhD at Stanford in Neural Engineering. Congrats Sabra!

Action Lab Members Present at Northeastern’s Annual COE Research Expo

On Feb. 26th, the engineering PhD students in the lab had the opportunity to present their research at the annual Northeastern College of Engineering (COE) Research Expo. Pictured below is Vani, featured in Northeastern’s COE Instagram, presenting her work on “Managing Self-Generated Interactive Dynamics in the Transport of Complex Objects”.

Jack the Whipper Visits Action Lab

For our whip-cracking project, Jack the Whipper, a professional whip-cracking stage performer, visited our lab and we recorded very cool motion capture and kinematic data. It was a blast!

Good-bye to Sabrina!

Good-bye to Sabrina! After almost 5 years in the Action Lab working as an undergraduate research assistant, Sabrina is heading West to continue her endeavors at Stanford University.

Reza Leaves Action Lab for Faculty Position at NAU

Good-bye to Reza! He leaves the lab for a tenure-track faculty position in Mechanical Engineering at Northern Arizona University.


The Cup Club (from left to right): Mohsen Sadeghi, Rashida Nayeem, Reza Sharif Razavian, Salah Bazzi.

Carissa graduated and launched her career!

Carissa graduated with a Master’s degree in Biology and already accepted one of her numerous job offers. She will soon start as a Clinical Research Associate at Syneos Health. Congratulations Carissa!

Congratulations Carissa!

Sabrina graduated with high distinction!

Sabrina, our undergraduate lab member since 2018, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Neuroscience and a GPA of 3.99. It does not get much better. Sabrina also received a record list of awards, ranging from the Goldwater Fellowship, a Rhodes nominee, to the Northeastern University’s President Award for Outstanding Scholarship. Congratulations Sabrina!

Congratulations Sabrina!

Dagmar received the prestigious NIH-MERIT Award

Dagmar receives the prestigious $3M NIH-MERIT Award for her basic and translational research achievements on the control of motor skills – “only given to the most outstanding scientists supported by the Institute.”
Read more here.

Rashida is back!

After a 4-month internship at Facebook/Meta, Rashida is back in our lab. Welcome back Rashida!

Dagmar received a US Scholar Fulbright fellowship

Dagmar received a US Scholar Fulbright fellowship to visit University Tor Vergata in Rome during her sabbatical. She will join Prof. Andrea d’Avella and our former postdoc Marta Russo there.

Salah Bazzi Joined Institute for Experiential Robotics

Salah Bazzi advanced to a research scientist in the Institute for Experiential Robotics at Northeastern. While he will stay grounded in the Action Lab he will initiate more research links to robotics, his home turf.

Lab Advance with Newman’s Lab

We held our 8th Lab Advance at MIT, the annual all-day workshop of the Newman Lab of Neville Hogan and our Action Lab. Everybody gave inspiring presentations of their recent research advances and many ideas developed in the discussions

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